You can have a tree planted in Palestine in your or somebody else's name by filling out this form. Using the form below you can sponsor a tree for 20 euro. More general information can be found on the English page. There you can also find a contact form to ask questions. Or you can email us at [email protected].

Sponsor an olive tree!

Planting an olive tree costs 20 euro per tree. Please contact us directly if you want to sponsor more than 10 olive trees.
Select your payment method. Credit Card payments incur a fee of 0,75c per order.
Below you enter the name(s) as we can use it for the sponsorship certificate, the (online) database and the plaque (last two are optional). One name/group per line. This can also be your own name. If you sponsor one tree for multiple people than all names should be on one line.
Name mentioned on plaque and in the online database? *
A plaque with the names of sponsors will be placed at the farmer's field. With this we are letting settlers, soldiers, and most importantly the farmer know of our international solidarity.
You will receive the certificate of sponsorship by e-mail. If you want a hard-copy you should supply your postal address below. For this service we will charge an additional €2.50. We will try to send the certificate(s) as soon as possible. But expect a maximum delivery time of 2 weeks. Please email us if you need the certificate(s) sooner.
Send me the news letter and keep me posted *
The news letter will probably be in Dutch.
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